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Railways policies

  • How much luggage can I bring with me inside the train?

    Luggage allowed on board SNCF

    • Luggage is permitted on SNCF trains as long as it is stored in the overhead racks, between the seats, or in one of the areas near the doors. 
    • All luggage must be labelled with the passenger's name and contact information. 
    • Sports equipment and prams are permitted as long as they do not obstruct other passengers' movement.

    Luggage accepted on board TGV Lyria

    To ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers traveling on TGV Lyria services, the only luggage permitted is hand luggage that can be carried and easily stowed in the spaces provided without without risk to other passengers, their luggage, or yourself.

    Under the same conditions outlined above, the following are also accepted as hand luggage and are limited to one item per passenger:

    • Bicycles, as long as they can be folded or their wheels can be removed and they are stored in covers (maximum dimensions of 130 cm x 90 cm)
    • Children’s pushchairs, folded
    • Skis stored in a cover – maximum one pair per passenger
    • Electric or manual scooters, folded 
    • Surfboards or snowboards stored in a cover (maximum dimensions of 130 cm x 90 cm)
    • Musical instruments stored in a (preferably hard) case (maximum dimensions of 130 cm x 90 cm) 
    • Manual or electric wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility, who are permitted to keep their wheelchair with them, whether or not they remain in it during the journey.
  • Is there any help for people with reduced mobility?
  • Which are my Passenger Rights?
  • Can I take my pet on the train?
  • Can children under 14 years old travel alone?
  • Tickets for children: do I need to buy one and what special prices do they have?
  • How can I travel with my bike on the train?
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